Are there any day time classes?

At this time the only daytime classes that we have are CPR and Med Tech. CNA Daytime classes are coming soon. If you are interested in taking a day class, send an email to instructor@p2ptrainingcenter.com and make the subject Daytime CNA. If we get enough interest we will start a class sooner.

How long will it take for me to take the CNA exam?

Plan to take your exam within 6 weeks of applying through Prometric.

Where can I take my CNA exam?

When you register Prometric will have a list of testing centers for you to choose from.

If I don’t pass the first time can I take the class again?

You can retake this class again absolutely free if you attended all class and clinical sessions..

Will I need a background screening?

Prior to taking the exam, the state of Florida requires a level 2 background screening. The board of nursing will notify you if there is any question about the screen.

When can I get my CPR card?

After successful completion of the skills and test (if applicable) a card will be issued.

How long is my card effective for?

Two years.

Do I need to wear uniforms?

No. Please dress with good taste and be comfortable. You will be performing skills that will require you to move around a lot.

Do I need to have a HS diploma or GED for any of these courses?

No, you don’t need any of the above to take the courses offered here but if you are interested in getting a GED we can refer you to a class.